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Pusher Centrifuges
Pusher Centrifuges
Pusher Centrifuges
Pusher Centrifuges
Pusher Centrifuges

Product introduction:

Over 400 staff worldwide are committed to Ferrum. The company was founded in 1917.

With more than 75 years of experience and over 6’500 delivered centrifuges for more than 300 different applications, Ferrum Centrifuge Technology is globally one of the leading suppliers of innovative solutions for solid/liquid separation in the process industry.

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Design Features

Ferrum 推料离心机

PM - 23

Ferrum 推料离心机

P32 – P50

Ferrum 推料离心机

P60 – P120

1、Compact, robust and reliable design 

2、Operation with a small hydraulic oil volume 

3、High throughputs under the toughest conditions 

4、Hydraulic pusher drive for high pusher forces 

5、Optimally designed inlet section for gentle acceleration of the product

6、Adjustable wash nozzles for optimum cake washing   

7、Rinsing connections for easy cleaning of the centrifuge process area 

8、Various discharge systems for gentle solid discharge

9、Various peripheral components available for the basic model 

10、Special designs on request (gas-tight, explosion protection, etc.)




Chlorides | Sodium chloride | Sea - Lake - Evaporator salt | Potassium chloride | Ammonium chloride

Sulphates | Sodium sulphate anhydride | Sodium sulphate decahydrate | Potassium sulphate | Magnesium sulphate | Ammonium sulphate | Iron sulphate heptahydrate

Chlorates | Sodium chlorate | Potassium chlorate

Nitrates | Sodium nitrate | Potassium nitrate | Lysine

Urea | Different processes

Intermediate Products | Sodium bicarbonate crude | Sodium carbonate monohydrate | PAP P-aminophenole

Fibrous Products | Nitrocellulose Chips - Fibres

Various | Calcium tartrate



Mining | Rock phosphate | Rock salt (NaCl), Sea Salt | Potassium chloride from Flotation



Basic Products | Adipic acid | Bisphenol A | Caprolactam | Paraxylene | ABS, MBS | Polyethylene | PP

Customised Solutions

Ferrum feeding centrifuge

Innovative customised and special designs for a very wide range of applications and processes:

1、Product inlet and product distribution systems 

2、Solids and filtrate discharge systems 

3、Gas-tight designs 

4、Explosion-proof designs (according to Directive 2014/34/EU) 

5、Heated, insulated centrifuge housings 

6、Special protection against wear from abrasive products

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